Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Hear my voice and obey!!

Prayer today was awesome!! Once again God's presence was with us as we prayed for our Leaders. God says that their are Pastors who are no longer obeying his voice. They have the title of Bishop and Pastor, Prophet and Evangelist, but God says He does not know them because they have not obeyed His voice. God calls for you to repent today. God says that many preachers of the gospel, many Pastors are walking in bitterness and have unforgiveness in their hearts. God has pleaded with you to forgive and to shake the dust off your feet, but you have refused and you continue to operate in the spirit of offense. God says He has shut His mouth concerning you and He is no longer speaking to you. You are preaching in your pulpits but His presence is not there. God says that if you would repent and obey His voice. Obey what He says. Despite what men think or say. God says He is looking for those that are called by His name to do what He says do, and go where He says go. Those that hear his voice and obey, they are truly His sons and daughters. When you do this He says He will cause a fresh anointing to come upon you from the crown of your head to the souls of your feet. When you do this, you will hear my voice again like you use too when you were new in my spirit. If you do this and begin to preach in your pulpits He will cause a fresh wind to blow in your churches from the pulpit to the door. When you do this, a revival will break forth and men and women will run to the altar to be saved.

Please don't forget that I require much from you. You seek to prosper and to grow big churches for your fleshly gain. You think that you are blessed if you have many members. But please remember every member that is on the role, their blood will I require of you. Hear my voice and obey!! Sayeth the Lord!! Hallelujah!!

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